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Strengthen your organization with a complete approach to enterprise integrity.

The world is more complex than ever before. Every government and business is plugged into the global economy. Leaders, managers and workers at all levels are using technology in ways to be more productive and deliver a better customer experience. These changes have created an environment that is far-reaching and more complicated. Performant helps organizations like yours navigate this complex world with proven solutions that offer real-time results.

Our Services

  • Analytics

    Hosted solution featuring data hosting, advanced analytics with expert review and delivery of results.

    Access more of your data

    Gain insights for your team to learn, track, or investigate activity

  • Audit and Recovery

    Hosted solution with emphasis on recovery.

    Option to enhance solution with advanced analytics, expert audit, and action determinations

    Collect lost payments

    Improve financial health and overall enterprise integrity.

  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    Features data hosting, advanced analytics and delivery of results

    Option to enhance with expert review, workflow, and/or recovery.

    Secure high-value programs

    Detect specific instances of fraud or system waste

    Find and prevent people from committing fraud

  • Cost Containment

    Features data hosting, advanced analytics with expert audit review, and actions prior to claim payments.

    Prevent improper payments before they happen.

  • Identity Analytics (Cyber-Intelligence)

    Includes investigative resources to qualify people by providing access to a comprehensive database of public records, coupled with the mining of 130-plus social networking sources.

    Find and profile people under investigation

    Synthesize and aggregate social media data

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